Spring Sport&lifestyle camp in Hungary

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A camp where your health gets new wings!

Join us if you:

  • Are at least 18 years old
  • Likes to have a break close to nature
  • Would like to try the Spartan and MovNat own bodyweight workouts
  • Are intrested in the paleo or the ketogenic diet not only in theory but also in practice
  • Would like to meet like-minded people to exchange experiences

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When? April 2-3. 2016

Where? Hungary, Pilisborosjenő, the Malomdűlő farmhouse

Accommodation: 15-20 minutes from Budapest, by the Pilis hill in a nice farm house, with domestic animals in the garden (goats, sheep …)

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House, on a bed (2-3-person rooms): 23.000 HUF (75 EUR)/ person
House, on mattress: 20.000 HUF (65 EUR)/ person
In tent: 17.000 HUF (55EUR) / person

The fee includes accommodation for one night, the tourist tax (IFA), the entire Paleo meals (snacks, dinner, breakfast) and drinks, the participation in programs, digital photos-videos about the camp

Daily Tickets also available: Saturday 12.000 Ft (39 EUR)/ person, Sunday 10 000 HUF (32 EUR)/ person

You can also join us for 1-1 days! The daily tickets include full Paleo meals and programs with the participation. Ask via phone or email for more details!

Discount: 10% for the previous camp participants.

  Deadline: March 31.

Applications via e-mail or phone, and with 50% deposit payment. The remaining amount is to be paid on the spot.

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Transfer Information:

Account Number: Budapest Bank, 10101463-51518200-01004003
Swift Code: BUDAHUHB
IBAN code: HU-31
Beneficiary Name: Zoltan Mihaly Sáfrán
Cancellation policy:

In case of cancellation, deposit may be used for other services until 31.12.2016 (A Paleón túl – book, Paleosport workouts, nutrition and lifestyle coaching, further camps, events, presentations). The program starts with a minimum of 12 people. In case of less of applicants the event will not be organized and the entire deposit will be refunded. The daily tickets must be paid upon arrival on the spot. If you could not attend, please let us know as soon as possible!

Have a look into the atmosphere of previous camps!

Summer camp, Pilis

Fall camp, Börzsöny

New Years Eve Camp, Balatonalmádi


The program in details

Day 1: Saturday, April 2nd

10.00 to 14.00 Hiking

14:00 to 15:00 Check in, snacks, drinks

15:00-16:00 Spartan workout in the garden or by the lake

16:00 to 17:00 Free program

17:00 to 18:30 Interactive presentation about nutrition&lifestyle

18:30 to 20:00 BBQ dinner

20.00- Games, conversation, fun


Day 2: Sunday, April 3rd

7:00 to 8:00 Breakfast

8:15 to 9:15 Handicraft

9:30 to 10:30 MovNat workout in the garden or by the lake

11:00 Departure

11:00 to 15:00 Hiking, caving

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Former participants said:

  “I have never felt myself so well in my life among other people and I say this seriously !! Yes, I’d like go for further camps. The organization was super. Accommodation is simply perfect for all sorts of reasons. For me, a simplier one could also fit perfectly. The location was very good. Unfortunately I could not attend on trainings and other programs (as I was the cook), but I think it was very well put together. I look forward to the next one! 🙂 ”

Ágnes Galambos

“I did not feel so good myself before among unknown people!!! This laid-back, sympathetic atmosphere was super! Fantastic foods were cooked us by Ági! Finally a camp where I have not starved !! So the diversity and the portions absolutely had no problem … The programs were just right. It was extra super that I did not have to explain because of ignoring the hiking. I would make a common cooking program next time for meeting the people. The only thing that was missing the living water. A small lake where we could splashed, but of course it’s location-based … Overall, it was super good, I hope I can be there again for the fall! ”

Boglárka Busa

“I have never felt so good in a community… Atmosphere? Perfect, but it says a lot if you look at any picture the others are smiling, and I eat. 🙂 Workouts? I was satisfied, I was happy that it was not about an overdriven Ironman camp but it was bearable. More MovNat sessions! 🙂 ”

Veronika Kalmar

How did I feel overall? Very, very well. I think only positive things happened there: good trainings, a lot of new information and advice, great company, constant laughter and good pleasure, very good food. I could not be able to mention any bad thing. I come to other camps? Yes, I definitely want to be there now in total. “How was the food 🙂 Great Hmmm … All the food tasted really,  I ate heartily everything -?!… but I’m very sensitive to food. Doff before Ági as she could presented this quality for so many people, almost alone. Organisation. I think there wasn’t any problem. Accomodation. It was in the right place, the rooms had enough space we needed;…. the cleansing block was also ok, there wasn’t any congestion. I liked that the phone signal was incomplete, so there no phone typing all day. 🙂 Programs. They were great. There was always something to do and the smaller breaks were well passed with enjoyable discussions. There wasn’t any time when we were bored. ”

Krisztián Minárik

Come and spend with us a fun, sporty weekend in Pilis!

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Nincs fal ketogén étrenden! *** There is no “hitting the wall” on ketogenic diet


A hosszutávú állóképességi sportolók réme az eléhezés, amikor annyira megcsappannak az izmok és az agy glikogénraktárai, hogy szinte meg kell állni, ájulás közelébe kerül az illető. Lemerül az elem, ezért pótolják folyamatosan a szénhidrátokat verseny előtt-alatt-után…

Nos a ketogén étrenden ilyen egyszerűen nincs, mert átáll a szervezet egy zsíralapú anyagcserére, amikor a glükóz helyett zsírsavakat és ketontesteket használunk energiatermelésre, ez egy jóval gazdaságosabb és nagyobb raktárkészlettel rendelkező üzemanyag.
Többször tapasztaltam a saját bőrömön, ma pl. egy 32 km-es evezés (kb 3óra) során végig tudtam tartani egy közepes tempot, összesen fél l vizet ittam közben, semmi izotóniás lötty. Régebben mindig vittem magammal vmi cukros italt vagy 1-2 banánt, hogy tudjam tartani a tempot eléhezés nélkül. Reggelire most egy zsíros rántotta volt (magamhoz képest “csak” 4 tojásból). Régebben egy nagy tányér zabpehellyel indítottam, gyümölccsel, fehérjeturmixszal kiegészitve.
Szóval hosszutávú aerob munkánál nálam egyértelműen jobb ez az étrend, kíváncsian várom a fejleményeket, hogyan működik egy versenytávon teljes gázzal! Erre kb. egy hónap múlva tudok érdemben válaszolni.
Neked van hasonló tapasztalatod?

The long-term endurance athletes have a fear of bonk when the glicogen stores are so greatly depleted in the muscles and brain to almost have to stand, close to fainting. The battery is depleted, thatswhy they replenish constantly with carbohydrates before, during, after the competition…
Well, on the ketogenic diet it simply doesn’t happen because your body switches to a fat based metabolism when it uses fatty acids and ketone bodies instead of glucose for power generation. This fuel is a much more economical and we have larger storage capacity.
More than once I experienced it on myself, such as today. I could keep a medium tempo in a 32-km canoeing (around 3 hour) all the way, while I drank a total of a half liters of water, without any isotonic drink. In the past, I took with me always sg sugary drink or 1-2 banana to keep up the tempo without bonking. Breakfast was now just a greasy scrambled eggs (only 4 eggs which is not so much compared to me). In the past, I started with a large bowl of oatmeal, fruit, protein shakes.
So the long-term aerobic work is clearly better for me with this diet, I am looking forward to see how does it work on a race run at full throttle! I can meaningfully respond to it approx in a month.
Do you have similar experiences?